The army of Ukraine restricts Russians and militants in the Donbass. Ukrainian armed Forces used the tactics of fighting in small groups, restoring the legitimacy of the Minsk agreements. So you can describe the logic of the situation along the demarcation line these days. The sides ЛІГА.net in the Ukrainian army and the political leadership claim that any point of Minsk is not violated, since all the actions of the APU is taking place exclusively on Ukrainian territory exactly with the maps of the agreement – and only in those cases where the hybrid Russian troops provoke a counterattack.

What happens

The positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces along the demarcation line in the Donbas for almost two years practically without respite shelled hybrid forces of the Russian Federation. Incessant provocations lead to the loss of personnel and civilians. Stop provocations only knocking out the Russians, and local militants with lucrative positions. And only from a position of counter – switch to offensive is impossible. In the past year, APU step by step practiced in the war in small groups, trying not to violate the Minsk agreement. As you know, the Russians are violating the Minsk agreement, occupied dozens of villages and Dokuchaevsk and Debaltsevo. The release of Avdiivka industrial zones to ensure the safety of residents was a turning point last year: then along the line of demarcation began a slow return of the territories assigned to the Ukraine in Minsk.

Not always the operation took place successfully. Last year one of the counterattacks of the APU in the area of Svetlodarsk arc ended in serious losses, and on the repulsed positions had to retreat back. But the tactics paid off. Improving, the Ukrainian army is gradually approaching the goal in small groups of troops along with the enemy forces in different directions, knocking the enemy from an advantageous position and rigidly repressing every provocation.

Svetlodarsk: September 2016 and January 2017

Similar situation with the promotion of Ukrainian troops was observed along the entire demarcation line. Somewhere- more, somewhere – less, but the positions of the AFU with each month getting closer to the key strong points of terrorists and troops of the Russian Federation.

Ukrainian infantry already established with artillery and armored vehicles. On the front under the plant – 72-th mechanized brigade, in the area of Kalinovo – 24 brigade, the 17th brigade and other units. As it became known ЛІГА.net in addition, actively used the paramilitary special forces of the SBU, created by volunteers. Involve the best snipers and sabotage-reconnaissance groups of the army special forces.

“Russian occupation troops continue shelling the positions of the APU in all directions”, – said the speaker of ATO Leonid Matyuhin. According to him, the militants are losing. At the same time the sites of the terrorists reported that APU “bear the loss along the line of contact.” Officially the headquarters of the ATO says four killed and five wounded fighters of VSU. However, their losses on the Russian occupation troops are silent. Sites militants recognize only a small loss: “Killed at least ten and wounded on the front line about three dozen.” And these official figures are significantly understated.

According ЛІГА.net from the same source in the Ukrainian intelligence, in just one day, 29 January the Russians and the rebels suffered irretrievable losses of about 40 people, wounded hundreds more. Also lost several pieces of equipment. In addition, retaliatory fire destroyed a cache of weapons and several bunkers and fortified positions which are now occupied by the Ukrainian military.

APU artillery is returning fire on positions of militants practically along all line of differentiation: the slightest violation of the armistice – brutal suppression fire and infantry counterattack. With this tactic, as reported yesterday afternoon, the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, the ATO forces managed to take the strategically important point near Avdeevka. “In the morning (29 January) terrorist group began firing, and then groups of enemies 25-30 people each began to assault our position,” informed the Minister.

Hybrid Russian troops in blatant violation of the Minsk

The sites of the terrorists recognize that you use against APU “heavy artillery”, including jet. Be accused of the same and the APU. “Heavy artillery on both sides works in these moments. Unlike the previous weeks and months has been used rocket artillery, not only Hail, but the Storms… On positions of AFU were fired this number of rounds (including the MLRS) that the damage must be huge”, – stated in the message of militants.

The application of the Russians systems Hurricane poses a serious threat to the security of civilians far from the demarcation line. It is not excluded that the hybrid Russian troops could strike deep in the rear with the aim of causing mass civilian casualties.

The rebels reported that heavy artillery is used and the APU: “Donetsk the whole North ablaze. Nuclear warheads, the AP and Sparta under fire ACS and Hail. In the Sky a lot of the UAV. Mariupol, the battle that began the evening continues with “varying success”. With Sartan pile Arta and Hail around the new Azov area, are more likely to suffer Sakanaka, Lenin.”.

However, the Ukrainian military has not officially Minsk used prohibited weapons. As you know, all the heavy weapons are withdrawn from the demarcation line. However, Ukrainian military are allowed to shoot back. And when there is provocation – heavy artillery returned to the position and is intended, say the Ukrainian military.

What’s next

The command of the APU on the leading edge continues to use the tactics of fighting in small groups with the support of artillery. The mood of the soldiers changed drastically compared to the situation last year: after so many months of the APU again, albeit slowly, but moving forward. In the story 1+1 with an advanced fighter with the Callsign “Bold” in 24-th brigade with a smile said: “Every day we are cutting. If we do not smile – what else can we do? We push them mentally. They shoot – we laugh.” Brigade fighter moving forward.

Against the Ukrainian troops used heavy artillery in addition to, prohibited by the accords tanks. Hybrid Russian troops are increasingly resorting to the use of armored vehicles and artillery. This may indicate that the situation in the trenches of the insurgents begins to spiral out of control. Yesterday terrorists had several times to stop the panic, to convene briefings to reassure the bases: “Changes in positions”; “We do not retreat”; “From the field report that all is under control.”

Dokuchaevsk as Debaltsevo, should be under the control of Ukraine according to the Minsk

According to representatives of the Ukrainian intelligence, the Russians continue to use tactics of mass attack in critical situations: regardless of losses, the hybrid Russian troops trying to recapture lost ground and die in even greater numbers. So yesterday was eliminated by one of field commanders of fighters with a call sign “Greek” – ally one of the leaders of the Donetsk terrorists Alexander Khodakovsky. “This morning he (the Greek) took reinforcements to destroy the position. And now it is not” – said Khodakovsky.

Creeping liberation of Ukrainian territories, judging by the good results of recent months will continue. Perhaps with a pause to regroup and secure new positions. But the closer APU to Gorlovka, Debaltsevo, Donetsk, Lugansk, kalynove, Kominternove and Dokuchaevsk – the fiercer will behave the Russian army. If Moscow does not stop to sabotage the implementation of the Minsk agreements, perhaps APU will fully restore control over the territories assigned to the Ukraine in Minsk. And then in order to protect the civilian population will begin a gradual release and other territories in the counterattack. “All this is our Ukrainian land”, – do not cease to remind the soldiers of the APU, who have long tired of standing under the attacks of the Russians and pretend that it should look like a truce.

That night the fighting continued along the line of demarcation. Reports come from many different places. In social networks, the residents of the occupied territories talking about the sounds of explosions in the area of Gorlovka and Donetsk, reported the launching of missiles, mines and shells in the side of the APU – ostensibly in response. The war continues.

Yesterday, in the area of the ATO killed four Ukrainian military. Unlike Russian troops, the names of all the dead soldiers of the Ukrainian Russian-Ukrainian war will be released once their families are notified. The families of the deceased promised all necessary support.

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The counter-attack. The army of Ukraine restricts Russians and militants in the Donbass 30.01.2017

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