Missing in the Atlantic ocean Argentine submarine San Juan was destroyed by the explosion and sank, all 44 members of her crew were killed instantly. This is stated in the report of the select Committee on intelligence of the U.S. Navy, reports the Latin American TV station Telesur.

It is noted that the submarine sank at a rate of 10 to 13 knots (18 to 24 km/h).

According to the report, the acoustic signal recorded in the area of the crash on 15 November 2017, was the sound of an explosion inside the submarine at a depth of 388 meters according to the power that was equal to 5.7 tons in a trotyl equivalent.

The explosion was the sound of destruction of the case of San Juan under the pressure of the ocean waters. The rate at which water inside the underwater vessel, made up of about 3000 km/h.

In naval intelligence, the United States came to the conclusion that in such circumstances, the case of San Juan was completely split within 40 milliseconds (four hundredths of a second). This time half the minimum necessary to understand what is happening, so the crew is even “don’t have time to figure out what happened,” the document says.

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“They do not drown, and never experienced pain, death was instantaneous,” summarize the authors of the report.

Analysis of Acoustic Detection of the loss of the Argentine Submarine #ARASanJuan by US Office of Naval Intelligence pic.twitter.com/UCHjR8jQae

– NavyLookout (@NavyLookout) 10 January 2018 R.

In the Navy of Argentina published, the information has not commented.

November 15, 2017, the Argentine submarine San Juan, located in the waters of the Atlantic ocean, stopped communicating. Was launched search and rescue operation.

On 23 November, the Argentine military reported that near the place of disappearance of the submarine explosion. According to the basic version, the explosion occurred due to the circuit one of the batteries of the submarine caused by penetration into the water compartment.

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The crew was killed instantly: a report on the accident of the submarine Argentina 12.01.2018

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