Amid the political crisis in Catalonia psychologists see a rise in mental problems among local residents, in which they began to buy fewer condoms and more sedative. It is reported by the Diari de Tarragona.

Results of surveillance told psychologists Tarragona, the second largest city in the region. They note that people have recently become more to seek specialized assistance with complaints of emotional distress, outbursts of anger, fear, frustration.

“Perhaps the processes around independence is not the main reason for this, but they affect a lot of areas, which lead to increased visits to the psychologist. People think, how the changes will affect them,” says the President of the College of psychologists of Tarragona, Jaume Descarrega.

He also said that in local pharmacies began to sell more tranquilizers and sleeping pills. At the same time, condoms began to sell less. Descarrega associates this phenomenon with the violation of libido, which destroys relationships with loved ones.

In turn, the owner of a bar in Bonavista said that people have become more involved in altercation with assault and battery on the background of discussions of the political situation.

“Before talking about football. Now independence is the star subject,” said one restaurateur.

Yesterday, November 11th, it became known that RT and Sputnik media associated with the Kremlin used a large number of accounts in social networks associated with Venezuela, in order to promote a negative image of Spain.

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The crisis in Catalonia: people have less sex and more neuroses 12.11.2017

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