The Polish opposition will block the rostrum and Presidium of the Sejm at least until December 20. About it reports UKRINFORM.

Opposition parties are preparing documents to the Prosecutor about making a powerful coalition of the offence (suspicion of the absence of a quorum) in case of continued stalemate does not exclude the need for early parliamentary elections.

“We made the decision that remain in the courtroom until Tuesday (December 20 – ed.). After what happened yesterday, after rejecting the media (of Parliament), was an attempt to throw and deputies. We stay the course,” said the head of the opposition liberal party Civic platform Grzegorz Schetyna.

According to him, in the hall there will be a few dozen MPs. He noted that the postponement of the ruling law and Justice party(Pis) meeting in another room of the Parliament was illegal.

The leader of another opposition party Modern Ryszard Petru on Saturday expressed the opinion that in case of deterioration of the situation in society in connection with the crisis, the Parliament may become necessary early parliamentary elections. According to him, if the IPR policy want to make decisions on their own, without other parties, that they should hold a session of Parliament in his party office in Warsaw. “But it has nothing to do with democracy,” he added.

Peter said that his party believes that the parliamentary session is unfinished and must continue.

“And if it is not, then we will continue to block the rostrum, and then there will be paralysis of the state, because you cannot agree to the IPR met with myself,” said the opposition leader.

Modern opposition party prepares the statement in office of public Prosecutor in connection with suspicion of committing a crime by the Marshal of the Sejm Marek Kuchcinski. The opposition note that Kuchcinski going to lie, when we talked about the quorum during the vote of his party colleagues hands on the budget in the column hall of the Parliament. Members of the ruling IPRs deny the charges, stressing that during the voting in the hall of columns was 236 deputies, so there was a quorum and complied with all the procedures of the rules. During this vote, the deputies adopted the IPRs, in particular, the budget for 2017, and the law of deprivation of office and pension cuts for former functionaries of the Communist security services.

At the moment, under the walls of the Sejm in Warsaw continues to demonstration, protests also take place in other Polish cities. At 21:00 Moscow time the head of the Polish government Beata Szydlo will deliver a televised address to the Polish people.

Last night, protesters from the liberal opposition blocked the building of the Polish Parliament. The police admitted that he had used physical force, trying to clear the road to the head of the ruling party law and justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski and the Prime Minister Beate Szydlo. For the first time since 1989, voting for the country’s budget, with the participation of deputies of the ruling party, passed out of the Parliament, the opposition called this meeting illegal.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Poland and one of the leaders of the ruling party, Mariusz Blascak accused the opposition of attempting a coup d’etat because its yesterday’s action in the diet further protest. In Warsaw, protests continue.

The crisis in Poland: the opposition continues to block the diet 18.12.2016

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