In the first column, a press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, Forbes discovered the plagiarism. It is reported Rain.

“Lisa Peskov became a columnist for Russian Forbes magazine. The first column called “the Illusion of knowledge. Kill new technology of traditional education” was dedicated to the possibilities of distance learning. After publishing a column on the website Peskov was accused of plagiarism. Forbes first, removed the text, and then change it back by referencing the source”, – stated in the message.

The Sand column was published on 12 September. Mediaconsulting and CEO Silamedia Oksana Silantieva wrote in his Facebook that, after checking the text in the system “anti-Plagiarism” found in this borrowing.

One paragraph was copied from the publication edition of “Chalk” for the year 2016 without reference to the source.

In it the Creator of the company Coursera Daphne Koller wrote that the leading Universities of the world in five years will allow students to obtain distance education.

Silantyev also found borrowing with minor editing from the publication of the women’s magazine Passion for 2011.

“Peskov completely copied the sentence “Now about distance education spoken of as something innovative, but in fact the story of its appearance is rooted in the distant 18th century”, replacing only the phrase “rooted” on the turn “rests on the roots.”

Peskov likewise copied historical information about the first University that introduced distance education. Silantyev also found in the text 9% borrowing from the essay on pedagogy for the year 2012, which can be bought for 400 rubles”, – stated in the message.

In available to view the introduction, the author of the essay also talks about the first universities to distance learning.

After Peskov was accused of plagiarism, the column was removed from the Forbes website, and then returned to put a reference to the source. The first version of the text without mentioning the source is available in the Google cache.

According to a source in Forbes, magazine standards require that when using information from other media were given links to the sources. At the moment these links are in the article, a spokesman said. To comment on the situation officially, the magazine refused.

At the end of August Peskov left the Association of entrepreneurs for development of the business patriotism, “Avanti” the former Senator from Chechnya Umar Dzhabrailov and returned to study in Paris.

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The daughter of Putin’s press Secretary was accused of plagiarism – media 14.09.2017

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