The Swedish journalist Kim vallée, which is presumably killed on a submarine were killed when it accidentally hit a manhole cover. This was told by the owner of the submarine, reports Reuters.

Peter Madsen denied the murder of the journalist and the dismemberment of the body. He said he kept the cap when they sailed up the Strait between Denmark and Sweden, but it slipped, hitting Valle at the head.

Then Madsen allegedly tried to bury the body at sea. According to him, he wanted to commit suicide on the submarine.

Madsen told the court. If he’s convicted, can be sentenced to five years in prison.

Earlier, the court decided to conduct a psychiatric examination. Madsen will remain in custody for four weeks.

On 11 August the submarine sank due to problems with the ballast tank. Madsen was rescued, and a journalist, were with him on Board, went missing. Later they found her body in the sea without the head and limbs.

More details about the circumstances of the death and the investigation, read the material a nightmare in the waters of the Baltic sea: what we know about the death of Kim Vallee

The death of the journalist in Denmark: the owner of the submarine told the details 06.09.2017

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