The detainee on the case of Hizb ut-Tahrir Crimean Tatar Arsene Gapparova in the jail’s health deteriorated. This was reported by his lawyer Cemil Temishev on his page in Facebook.

The administration of SIZO No. 1 of Simferopol refused to provide Cepparulo medical care.

Have illegally detained in the Crimea on the body formed an abscess, which for a long time doctors did not want to examine and treat.

“Long before the detention, the doctors strongly recommended him to do the surgery. Festers festers. All this is accompanied by fever, chills and unbearable pain. If you’re lucky and no complications, he can just break through. If it is not removed surgically during inflammation, it can appear in another part of the body. And everything is repeated again. If you get some kind of infection, the consequences can be unpredictable”, – said the lawyer.

Temishev said that during one of the visits the infirmary, the doctor pressed the site of inflammation, and fistula burst. Cepparulo not given any bandages, no disinfectant, no patch. He descended into the chamber, and pus down his leg.

In March, due to new inflammation Dzhepparov deaf in one ear. He was constantly plagued by headaches. Every day he writes the statement to be examined and removed the lump. There is no reaction.

Arsene Dzhepparov is one of the defendants in the case of Hizb ut-Tahrir. He was arrested in April 2016. Earlier, the court in closed session dismissed the appeal against the extension of arrest of the defendants in this case.

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The defendant in the case of Hizb ut-Tahrir in jail is deteriorating health 29.04.2017

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