The British defence Secretary Michael Fallon has resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment. Reported by the BBC.

Fallon said that earlier, his behavior might have gone beyond the standards expected from the British military.

He said that was acceptable 10-15 years ago obviously is not acceptable today.

Prime Minister Theresa may said that Fallon showed an example of a “war, women and others.”

Previously, Fallon confirmed that in 2002 took the liberty and put my hand on his knee Sunday Express journalist Julia Hartley-brewer.

After reports of the resignation of the Minister, the journalist said she was “extremely shocked”.

“If this is about “kneegate” (the history of knee – ed.) – he touched my knee 15 years ago and I don’t have for this reason no questions today – this is the most crazy, absurd and ridiculous resignation,” said Hartley-brewer TV channel Sky News.

She also noted that he does not believe that the story behind it is actually the reason for the resignation of Fallon.

The first Minister of Britain is also accused of sexual harassment. Allegedly in the last two years, he molested the activist from the conservatives.

The defense Minister of Britain resigned because of a sex scandal 02.11.2017

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