Arrested by the police in the Dominican Republic, the ex-mayor of Kherson, and the former people’s Deputy Vladimir Saldo said that was the victim of a kidnapping. His abduction and unlawful detention in the Dominican Republic allegedly led by a resident of Kherson, told Balance contact us by phone, the detainee provided a lawyer.

“In the Dominican Republic I arrived in June for a business meeting at the invitation of the inhabitant of Kherson Denis Pashchenko. With him introduced me to representatives of the Kherson business and had no reason anything to fear. Already in the Dominican Republic I was abducted, allegedly on the orders all the same person. Took away all personal belongings, money, mobile phones and a tablet, being confined, blindfolded,” – said the politician.

According to Balance, the kidnappers, most likely ex-military, kept his 50 days with the handcuffs on his hands and bangles on their feet, tortured with electroshock, cold water and demanded a ransom of 200 million dollars. “Then using my phones, the kidnappers made contact with my relatives and partners, fraudulently forcing them to give them the rights to a number of real estate”, – said Balance.

According to him, to escape he was helped by an accomplice of the kidnappers, a citizen of Bulgaria. At the same time, the head of the kidnapping called the police, saying that he himself was a victim of theft from the Balance. In this statement, the police detained ex-mayor of Kherson and the citizen of Bulgaria. Also Balance said that during his stay in captivity, “the head of his abduction” at least twice visited Kherson.

On 25 August it became known that the Balance was detained in the Dominican Republic for kidnapping.

Balance was the city mayor of Kherson 2002-2012

The ex-mayor of Kherson claims that he was kidnapped in the Dominican Republic media 27.08.2016

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