One of the most famous diamonds of the world, owned by several generations of French monarchs, will be auctioned in Geneva. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

Auction house Christie’s does not report the name of the current owner is a private person. Experts appreciate. precious stone called Le Grand Mazarin, in the amount of $6 million to $9 million.

This diamond is extremely clean, with a pink tinge, it weighs over 19 carats. It has been known since the XVII century and was found in Golconda mines in India. These mines, which are already depleted, legendary. Here were produced many famous diamonds: “Kohinoor” (it adorns the crown of the British Queen Elizabeth II), the diamond (which belonged to the Bourbons; now kept in the Treasury of the Louvre), “the hope diamond” (exhibited in a Museum in USA, the largest precious stone in America), blue “Wittelsbach”…

Le Grand is the name of Mazarin, French cardinal, diplomat and politician Giulio Mazarini, who was its first owner. An Italian by birth, son of a small farmer, he made a brilliant career and thanks to the patronage of Anne of Austria became, in the end, the first Minister of France. Mazarin, who brought in his novels “Twenty years later” and “Ten years later” the writer Alexandre Dumas, was a philanthropist and a bibliophile, and loved beautiful things and loved gems. He has assembled an impressive collection of rare diamonds bequeathed by the “sun king” Louis XIV. His court jewelers have produced a chain with this diamond.

After the outbreak of the French revolution, the crown jewels (along with Le Grand Mazarin, was hidden in Paris. But hidden bad: the treasure discovered and looted. Up to today failed to find some of the precious stones.

But “the Great Mazarin” found, and the stone became the ornament of the diadem, made for Marie-Louise of Austria, second wife of the Emperor Napoleon. In 1887, when France, to pay an indemnity after the defeat in the war with Prussia and experiencing political and economic crises, especially in dire need of money, part of the Royal jewels were sold at auction. Le Grand Mazarin acquired the French jeweler frédéric Boucheron.

Photo: EPA

Fate of rare diamonds are not exactly known, but in 1962 he became an exhibit at the Louvre in the exhibition which includes the most famous French jewelry, then disappeared again out of sight of the General public. Now “the eternal symbol of beauty” and “the witness of European history”, as he calls Christie’s in Geneva catalog of his auction again for sale.

Earlier it was reported yesterday that the clock in bronze case affordable brands Tudor, released in a single copy for the charity auction Only Watch was sold 100 times more expensive than the estimate, the model went for 350 thousand francs.

The famous diamond of the French kings was put up for auction 13.11.2017

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