Two years ago the Verkhovna Rada approved the establishment of a new authority, which will have unprecedented powers, taking over some functions of the GPU and pursuing cases against top officials. He headed the State Bureau of investigation, the novel Pipe – candidate who two days before the vote was considered an outsider. Pipe and his deputies are credited with close connections with politicians. And although the facts are very few, the risk that the new structure obviously dead are very high. Details – in the material

What is a GBR

The state Bureau of investigation, a new independent body in Ukraine, which will investigate serious and very serious crimes office and war crimes, and corruption cases (not handled by the NEB, – ed.).

Main function and characteristic: the RRT will assume part of the duties of the office, which previously investigated and watched, and supported the prosecution in court. Now the prosecution loses the functions of pre-trial investigation. The second important point is, the office may investigate cases against former presidents, Prime Minister and members of Cabinet, senior officials are Pleased, the CEC, the NAB, the Prosecutor General of the Council, of the courts. Employees of the new Agency – both the detectives and investigators will not move from the security service or the GPU, and will be recruited on a competitive basis from outside. The staff of the Bureau, according to the law, will make 1,5 thousand people.

The structure of the RRT – Central office, special units, educational institutions, investigative and operational units. Territorial administration of the RRG will not only in the capital but also other cities of Ukraine.

In November 2015 the bill on the establishment of the RRT was made by the Parliament in January 2016 – it was signed by the President. In February of the same year, the Cabinet began the formation of the competitive Commission. Further the establishment of the office was delayed.

Who conducted the contest

The competition Commission had nine members representing the President, government and Parliament. Quota. the Commission was appointed academician of Roman maydanyk, Professor Victor Samokhvalov and partner at the law firm Saenko Kharenko Tatyana Slipachuk. Parliament sent three deputies – Vladislav bukhareva (Fatherland), Yevgeny Deydey (NetFront) and Nikolay Palamarchuk (PPB). From the government – teacher Khmelnitsky University of management and law Denis Monastery – assistant to Anton Gerashchenko, Deputy Minister of justice Natalia Savostyanova and former head of the Ternopil regional state administration, former MP Ivan Stoyko. Most of the members of the Commission one way or another were connected with political forces.

The first hitch in the conduct of the competition are the test questions. Chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios (one of the candidates for the head) found in tests of more than 200 errors. The Commission started a full scan two thousand questions, and the competition was delayed.To participate in the contest wanted the head of the Department of special investigations of the Prosecutor General Sergei Gorbatyuk, but the Board considered his experience in senior positions is insufficient. Overall the competition was attended by 81 candidate.

The results of the first phase of testing on knowledge of the Constitution and the law selected 49 candidates. After psycho-physiological studies using polygraph and interview is left 19.

Pipe, Varchenko and Buryak: what do we know about them

Yesterday was the final vote on which nine of the nine members of the Commission approved for the position of head of the RRG Pipe, his first Deputy – Varchenko, the Deputy – Alexander Buryak.

Pipe from 1997 to 2014 he worked in the Prosecutor’s office Lovva and Lviv region. In February 2014, during the Revolution of dignity, and moved to Kiev. The GPU he worked under three attorneys General – was appointed Oleg Magnitskii head of the GPU for investigation of particularly serious cases, Vitaly Yarema, a few months after the appointment of Viktor Shokin left the Prosecutor’s office. Then he headed legal Department of company law branch (registered in Kiev).

According to his autobiography, the Pipe was never a member of a political party, married twice and has three children.

Throughout the protracted formation of the RRG Pipe in the lists of candidates were registered only on the position of Deputy head of the Bureau. But on 14 November, two days before the final vote, was the candidate for the position of Director. The relocation followed after the statements of the employee NACP Anna Solomatina: she accused the Agency of loyalty to the AP, and the office of Poroshenko – in the supervision of NACP activities. Involved in the scandal was the main contender “from Poroshenko” Alexey Horoshenkov.

Still a few hours before the vote, the expert anti-corruption group of the Reanimation package of reforms Alexander Semenov predicted in his Facebook the outcome of the vote on the candidates. he explained that information received from his sources, which later reported he and some other details about the appointment of the head of the RRG. According Semenova, Trumpet – the godfather of prosecutors Igor Shcherbina (head unit in the investigation of the gas Tymoshenko case). Shcherbina, according to information from the same source, was introduced a Pipe with NF MP Sergei Pashinsky. Supposedly next Turchynov agreed on a Pipe with Poroshenko. There was also information that the Pipe – Kum Pashinsky. Pashinsky himself in conversation with it is categorically denied.

No less interesting is the alternate Pipe. Distribution of duties of all three pieces is almost equivalent to the decision-making and impact on the work of the RRG. Each of them credited the work to one of the two coalition parties – the BPP or the NF. And actually the result of the contest is ostensibly a compromise between the political forces.

Varchenko in the media have dubbed the man the disgraced Alexander Granovsky. Varchenko heads the procedural management in the so-called “Department Kononenko-Granovsky” the Prosecutor General’s office (officially called the Department for investigation of particularly important cases in the field of Economics).

“Beet – head of Department, to investigate (not the investigator). As far as we know, Varchenko will be responsible for the investigation, and this for technical and operational activities”, – said Semenov the Ukrainian truth. Buryak over 17 years of experience in the Prosecutor’s office had visited the Deputy prosecutors Sumy and Lviv, and in the submitted documents, last place of work indicated the position of the Deputy Prosecutor of Kiev.

Interesting are also the results of psychological tests of the winners. They were held at the selection stage. Pipe and Varchenko were deemed “unreliable persons”, the beet – “high risk”. Unreliable and risk is, in General, exactly what you need the PPB and the PF in terms of political struggle, when no one trusts anyone: to put people who are easy to control. Of course, there is a chance that the new leaders will take an independent position and are equidistant from the political camps. But only a chance. To form an independent body of investigation could be, perhaps a year or two ago – there was a window of opportunity against the desire of politicians to meet the high demands of society. Now, it seems, experiments with the appointment of an independent and strong figures over.

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