Today, September 15, the interplanetary probe, Cassini will perform the final challenge: to dive into the thick atmosphere of Saturn and will never return to the orbit of the gas giant. This was reported by Bi-bi-si.

The probe went on a space mission to explore Saturn on 15 September 1997, worked on the project five thousand scientists. But after 20 years of wandering the station runs out of fuel.

For 20 years, the probe flew 3.4 billion miles, collected 635 GB of data, made 453 thousand images.

In addition, Cassini has discovered six new satellites and a liquid ocean beneath the solid surface of Enceladus (satellite of Saturn, – ed), which allowed scientists to assume the existence of life there.

13 April 2017 NASA scientists said that they have found water on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

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The final SAP: today the probe will go into the depths of the atmosphere of Saturn 15.09.2017

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