The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine proposes to increase the minimum price of alcohol. The corresponding project of the governmental decree submitted for public discussion.

As the press service of the Ministry of Finance, the authors note that the current minimum prices do not reflect the real costs of economic entities in the production and sale of alcoholic beverages (for the time elapsed since their introduction, have increased the price of alcohol and the amount of excise tax). This necessitates a review of the minimum price on alcohol. In addition, the current level of minimum prices ceased to fulfill their role as “guard” against the sale of counterfeit goods, which negatively affects the health of the population, noted in the Ministry.

“The Ministry of Finance proposes to bring the minimum price of alcohol in line with the realities of the market”, – explained in the Ministry.

The new minimum prices would be set at the average level, which today exists on the market legal manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. “But may significantly reduce the profitability of “shadow” producers of alcoholic beverages. Thus, the Ukrainian citizens will buy more high-quality alcohol”, – stated in the explanations of the Ministry.

To determine the minimum prices for alcoholic beverages were used in the calculations and proposals of producers and industry associations, the Ministry noted.

The draft document proposes to increase the wholesale selling price of vodka and other alcoholic beverages (commodity codes 220860, 220870, 220890) per 1 liter of 100% alcohol to 218,32 UAH (current price – 175,96 UAH), retail – to 340,57 UAH (UAH 274,5). For “three star” brandy UAH to 336,22 (269,23 UAH), a “five star” – to 384,29 UAH (UAH 301,28). Minimum price wine bottles of 0.7 l is proposed at $ 33 UAH (UAH 27).

The Finance Ministry proposes to increase the minimum price of alcohol 19.08.2016

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