The American company AMC Entertainment is investing $10 million in a Hollywood Studio VR content Immersive Dreamscape. Under the terms of the contract, in the next year and a half Studio equip several rooms of virtual reality in movie theater chain AMC in North America and the UK, according to the Tech.

In AMC multiplexes in North America and the UK will reveal six rooms with virtual reality, designed for small groups of visitors. Rooms with a size of 5*5 m equipped with tactile floor tiles, fans and systems simulation odors.

Visitors will be given a VR headset, a laptop computer in a backpack and sensors for the hands and feet that track the movement. Equipment set, developed by Swiss startup Artanim will allow you to recreate a full-scale avatar of the viewer to be placed in a virtual reality. In contrast to many analogues, the system allows to explore VR content 2-6 spectators.

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The first VR facilities at AMC cinemas will appear in 2018 with a Partner company will become the Los Angeles startup Immersive Dreamscape, investors are Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros., 21st Century Fox and MGM. AMC will invest in stocks Immersive Dreamscape $10 million.

The first network of the VR cinema will open in the US and the UK 04.10.2017

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