The former head of the national Committee of the US Democratic party Donna brazile accusing the former presidential candidate of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton in the internal corruption in the party. This is with reference to her application for the American magazine Politico reports the Deutsche Welle.

Who held the above post is from July 2016 to February 2017 Brazil described the mechanisms by which Clinton allegedly sent “almost all” party funding to support his election campaign. Also, in her words, other Democrats who participated in the primaries (particularly Bernie Sanders), was deprived of the opportunity to use these funds.

Brazil said that from August 2015 there was some written agreement about the collection between the national Committee of the democratic party, the “Foundation of victory Hillary” and “Hillary for America”. From this document, she said that in exchange for Fund-donations and investment Committee Clinton got control of the party Treasury, strategy and all funds from fundraising.

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Also, she argues, campaign headquarters, Clinton had the right to make all final personnel decisions, and fully subjugated the national Committee of the party during the election campaign.

“The former head of the party leadership called a policy of unethical and compromising honesty and integrity of the Democratic party”, – concluded the Agency.

8 November 2016 Clinton lost the election to Republican Donald Trump, although it was voted by 3 million voters more. Trump won because of the indirect election system in the United States.

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The former head of the democratic party: Clinton before the election it was all about himself 03.11.2017

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