The leader of the American rock band Queens of the Stone Age Josh Homme during his speech at the KROQ Acoustic Christmas on Saturday kicked in the face by a female photographer. About it reports Variety.

Chelsea Lauren, photographer Shutterstock said that she did not provoke this incident, and that Home even smiled at her before striking. “It was clearly intentionally,” said the woman.

Home he claims it was an accident.

“Last night, when I was involved with, I was punching different lighting instruments and equipment on stage. I was told today that I also hit the chamber that held the photographer Chelsea Lauren. I didn’t want that to happen, and I’m sorry. I would never intentionally hurt anyone, who works on our show, no harm. I hope that Chelsea will accept my sincere apologies,” he said.

Attending the concert was also told that at some point the musician took something like a knife, and scratched his forehead, to cause bleeding.

The frontman of Queens of the Stone Age hit a woman-photographer: video 12.12.2017

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