Director of us intelligence John Brennan said there was irrefutable evidence of the intervention of Putin’s Russia in the U.S. presidential election. CIA promises to tell all about this topic in a new report, which will be handed over to the American President in the near future, reports the Deutsche Welle.

The report will be “comprehensive and detailed examination of what happened during the presidential race and what impact this had on Russia. There will be considered what I was doing RF like it has done, and how we know about it”, – he said.

Yesterday, January 3, presentation of the report was postponed, which caused skepticism on the part of President-elect Donald trump.

Answering the question if Russia was involved in cyber attacks, Brennan noticed that the action was involved in a number of countries, however, the secret report focuses on the actions of Russia.

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The head of the CIA was criticised by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has previously said about the involvement of Russian authorities to the data leak from email ex-presidential candidate of the Democrats. According to Brennan, Assange is not a “Bastion of truth and honesty”, in this connection, the head of the CIA “would not assume these people commenting on these events, messengers naked truth”.

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The head of the CIA about the elections in the U.S. will Tell you what and how did the hackers of the Russian Federation 04.01.2017

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