The head of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE Vladimir Aryev said the adoption of the Assembly resolution on the Ukrainian law on education is “not terrible”. About that Ryan wrote on his page in Facebook.

“The PACE resolution on the education act: not scary. No specific requirements, except for the implementation of the conclusions of the Venice Commission. But it said yesterday the President will follow the conclusions of experts. No imperatives at all!” – written by Ariev.

Thus, according to him, the resolution notes the importance of knowledge of the official language and calls to the neighbors, including those who initiated the resolution, as also to zealously defend the rights of Ukrainian minorities in their territories.

Today in Strasbourg at the urgent debate in the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, it was decided to urge Ukraine to consider when the implementation of the law on education “without exception,” recommendations of the Venice Commission on this document and to amend the law itself.

The decision of the PACE “hard enough” condemns the fact that the Parliament adopted the law on education revisions to article 7 (language of education) without consultation with representatives of national minorities. PACE stated that already, even before the conclusion of the Venice Commission, alleged “there are a number of legal questions to the law.” After the debate was accepted most of the proposals of the Romanian and Hungarian deputies, who opposed the idea of “blended learning”. In addition, from the document removed all mention of the fact that learning “exclusively in the minority language”, that is, without the teaching part of the subjects in the Ukrainian language, to the detriment of their children, diminishing their competitiveness on the labour market and complications entry into the universities.

A member of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE Konstantin Usov said that the adoption of the “harmful to Ukraine” amendments to the PACE resolution could be to block, if the meeting of the Committee on education, science and media have not missed one of the members of the Ukrainian delegation Viktor Vovk, thus depriving Ukraine to vote.

The head of the delegation of Ukraine: PACE Resolution – “not afraid” 12.10.2017

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