The US President Donald trump, speaking to supporters at a rally in honor of 100 days of his presidency, criticized the U.S. “false media” and accused them in the production of fakes. It is reported Bi-bi-si.

“Now, in Washington, they are watching and they want to be here with us tonight,” said trump, in his speech at the rally in harrisburg, Pennsylvania. And nothing could please me more than to be here for more than 100 miles from the Washington swamps and spend the evening with you all.”

The President said that if the media is to be honest and to tell the truth, they deserve the “fat deuce”.

He added that journalists are trapped at a dinner in Washington, and predicted that the event would be “very, very boring.”

The President on his 100th day in office chose to go to the rally for the supporters of Pennsylvania. The event resembled his speech to the voters during the campaign.

At the annual correspondents Association dinner at the White house trump did not go.

The correspondents Association has appeared more than 100 years ago, in 1914, and since 1921 its special dinners are traditionally attended by the presidents of the United States. Trump tradition was broken.

“Leading (lying) media refuse to announce the list of our achievements, including 28 signed laws strengthening the borders and huge optimism,” he wrote on Twitter.

At the rally, trump also said his first 100 days of the presidency “very productive” and said supporters ahead of the “great, great battle”, in which he will win in any case.

In addition, trump has promised that all NATO countries will contribute financially to the strengthening of security of the unit.

“We are forcing NATO countries to finally pay their fair share. They began to increase their investments in the billions of dollars, but we will not rest until all will not pay what they should,” he said.

The President reminded that over the past eight years, the US has doubled its defense spending. The same dress all the NATO countries put together. “Unfair” – he stated. Supporters, he assured that the country’s armed forces will face an upgrade.

“Maintaining the superiority of America means the restoration of our armed forces. And we started this process,” he said.

The President also promised the citizens “one of the largest in the history” of the country tax cuts.

According to trump, his administration “offers major tax benefits for middle class and tax cuts for businesses from 35% to 15%”.

“You will see: the company will develop, they will return to our country and will no longer have to leave because taxes and regulations are fair,” said trump.

Earlier it was reported that Donald trump has cancelled introduced Barack Obama’s ban on oil and gas production at several offshore fields off the coast of the United States.

The hundredth day of the presidency, trump has violated a century-old tradition 30.04.2017

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