The Minister of internal Affairs of Poland and one of the leaders of the ruling party, Mariusz Blascak accused the opposition of attempting a coup d’etat because its yesterday’s action in the diet further protest. About it reports Radio Poland.

According to the Minister, the budget approved in accordance with legislation and parliamentary procedures.

“It (the opposition – ed.) is unable to agree with the result of the parliamentary elections and loss of power,” said Blaschak.

The leader of the party Nowoczesna Richard Peter said that the ruling law and Justice party lost public mandate and should therefore be declared early parliamentary elections.

The leader of the strongest opposition party in the Sejm Civic platform Grzegorz Schetyna also said that the events of last night a gross violation of the ruling majority, parliamentary democracy.

This morning in Poland continued protests from those who believe in the unconstitutionality of the voting of the budget outside the Parliament.

Yesterday evening, protesters blocked the Parliament building. The police admitted that he had used physical force, trying to clear the road to the head of the ruling party law and justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski and the Prime Minister Beate Szydlo.

For the first time since 1989, the vote on the budget passed out of the Parliament, the opposition called this meeting illegal.

The interior Minister of Poland accused the opposition of attempting a coup d’etat 17.12.2016

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