On December 14-15, the leaders of the Kremlin-controlled terrorist organizations in the Donbass added to the list of the Ukrainian exchange the hostages for the people needed them for more names, than has made “serious confusion” in the negotiation process and the determination date. This was at the end today held an online conference of the humanitarian sub-group the Minsk process announced in Facebook the negotiator from Ukraine Irina Gerashchenko.

“And, in fact, it leads to the breakdown of the process… Ukraine confirmed its readiness to release to new year and Christmas holidays, we are determined to do everything as quickly as possible and even before. I hope we are entering the homestretch”, – says first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada.

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In addition, despite certain earlier, fundamental issues on the agenda, Kiev today and have not received an answer to a question about verification those people in the lists of militants who categorically refuse to take it.

“ORDO, in fact, insists that the Ukrainian side was drawn on the line of contact of a free people. Russia also said that if we don’t bring all 306 people on the line of contact (and already released, and those who do not want to move for anything, from whom there is a relevant application) – the release will not be”, – said Gerashchenko.

Now Ukraine is waiting for the OSCE “unambiguous answers and attitude” on the impossibility of coercion of persons who are already free to move on the uncontrolled territory.

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According to Gerashchenko, “done a tremendous job must get results.” In order to expeditiously solve problems, Kiev suggested on 20 December to hold another Skype conference.

The invaders disrupt the exchange of hostages: details from Gerashchenko 18.12.2017

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