The independence day of Ukraine marked a further deterioration of the situation on the frontline in the Donbass. This was announced at a briefing speaker of the presidential Administration on issues of anti-terrorist operation, Colonel Alexander Motuzyanik, the correspondent ЛІГА.net.

“Yesterday’s tank, mortar and artillery shelling by the enemy was the strongest since the battle for debaltseve”, – he said.

According to the ATO headquarters for the past day in the fighting, none of the Ukrainian soldiers was killed and three were injured. Military intelligence confirmed the enemy’s losses amounted to seven of the wounded occupants from the three units of Russian occupation troops.

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Yesterday, at the direction of Lugansk in the Village of Lugansk in the evening occurred two attacks with mortars, the Ukrainian troops opened fire in response.

“In the area of Happiness yesterday was quiet. Near bakhmutskaya route across the front – from the Crimea to the Novotoshkovskoye – invaders fired mortars, guns of 152 mm caliber, according to preliminary information – Msta-B, and fired from a tank. On the Ukrainian positions fired dozens of ammunition, all attacks were conducted in the dark time of the day,” said Matusevich.

Under Popasnaya invaders several times fired from 152-mm guns and once again fell on civilian targets – due to artillery bombardment by shrapnel damaged the roof and Windows of the house.

“All-powerful artillery attacks on Lugansk direction were carried out in a coordinated, batteries the 6 th regiment and the 7th brigade of the Russian occupation troops”, – said the speaker of the ATO.

During the day in Lugansk direction there were 25 attacks, including 11 heavy weapons.

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According to the representative of the headquarters of the operation, on the Donetsk direction the situation is “much more difficult”.

“The occupiers used heavy weapons, tanks, mortars and guns across the line of demarcation – from the Trinity to Krasnogorovka. Peaceful areas there yesterday actually was not,” he said.

From midnight to 4 am and from 17 o’clock till midnight the shelling continued continuously. The total number of issued enemy mines and shells with tanks and howitzers up to several hundred.

“Traditionally, the fire of the enemy is not only advanced, but also nearest the rear of the Ukrainian troops. To do this, the invaders used long-range heavy artillery. On all key areas of the defence force ATO opened fire in response,” – said Matusevich.

Per day at the Donetsk direction there were 37 enemy attacks, including 29 with heavy weapons.

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“In Mariupol direction at dawn the enemy made an unprecedented power of the attack of the Ukrainian positions using self-propelled artillery Carnation. Within one hour on our positions were fired more than 120 shells”, – said the speaker of the ATO.

According to the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine, the so-called 9th regiment of the enemy, who took positions near Shirokino and uses movable reconnaissance item PRP-4A Argus for conducting artillery reconnaissance and adjustment of artillery fire.

Mortar attacks from illegal armed groups occurred yesterday in Krasnogorovka, Starohnativka, Novohryhorivka and near Shirokino. Occupants also actively violate the silence in Marinka on the part of the front Water – Pavlopol.

A day in the direction of Mariupol recorded 22 attacks, in five cases, the enemy used heavy weapons.

Yesterday hybrid the Russian army also used drones for reconnaissance in the Donetsk and Lugansk directions.

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The invaders intensified shelling to the level of the battle for Debaltsevo 25.08.2016

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