Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the responsibility for the worsening situation in Avdeevka lies on the Ukrainian troops. Ukraine thus supposedly trying to distract from something attention. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to Peskov, the ATO soldiers allegedly crossed the line of demarcation, and militants in the area Avdeevki “I had to fight back and recapture the occupied territory.”

Putin’s Secretary said that the attack was allegedly carried out some of the units that received the support of the Ukrainian armed forces.

According to him, it was made “with a purpose”. “Apparently, some kind of attempt to divert attention to something else takes place,” – said Peskov.

January 29 situation near Avdeevka has sharply worsened. Around 05:00 am invaders began a massive shelling of the Ukrainian positions. In the fighting for Avdeyevka on January 29, which according to the headquarters, lasted continuously for 19 hours, five Ukrainian servicemen were killed and another 14 were injured.

January 30, due to ongoing fighting near Avdeevka, three Ukrainian military were killed and 20 were injured.

Today, January 31, at about 05:40 am militants hybrid Russian army rockets fired at Avdeevka of Donetsk.

On the Internet there are videos of the shelling of BM-21 Grad, which the militants are on the plant from residential areas of Donetsk.

The Kremlin said the attack troops of the Russian Federation in Avdeevka 31.01.2017

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