The lawyer of the mother of the journalist Vyacheslav Veremiya Victoria Deineko said that the head of the group “titushek” Yuri Rat involved in the murder of the journalist, have backers, and it is possible that in the law enforcement system. She told Radio Liberty.

According to her, there is “a lot different “demidovskij” articles about the lives of Rat, where we are talking about raider seizure of the Lukyanovka market”.

“There’s pictures of him at these events, there is, about raider capture of the apartments in Vladimir, and there is also his face on the surveillance cameras. Criminals and the police witnessed these events,” she said.

Deineko noted that in the case Veremiya “also shows the relationship of the police and criminals, as “aunts”, which were collected at the intersection of Grand and Vladimir Zhytomyr (in Maidan), operated under the auspices of the police officers at that time.”

Events in Veremiya happened on the night of February 19, recalled the lawyer. “The 18th, when he was “cleaning” the so-called anti-terrorist operation in the Maidan, in the same evening at the above intersection was “titushki”, and they were assigned the role that they must keep the protesters with firearms, because they had and used, bits, etc. It was all under the auspices of the law enforcement bodies”, – said Alexander Deineka.

On 22 December the Shevchenkovskiy district court of Kyiv recognized the Rat guilty of assaulting a journalist Veremiya during the Maidan events and sentenced him to four years in prison with a probation period of two years.

This decision responded to the national Union of journalists of Ukraine (NUJU) – there is demand from the President Peter Poroshenko to give a political assessment to the decision of Shevchenkovsky regional court.

The Prosecutor General’s office said yesterday that he will appeal the court’s decision, because it considers it unfair.

The lawyer of the mother Veremiya: Rat has patrons 24.12.2017

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