From 6 to 9 October, almost all gas station operators have not changed the retail price of autogas. The average price for Ukraine dropped to 1 liter up – to 13.23 UAH/l by reducing the cost of gas in a number of regional networks. About this enkorr reported by the Consulting group A-95.

35 kopecks./l – to 12.95 UAH/liter reduced the price of Zaporozhye network of ZOG, in the Kharkiv region gas network subsidiary fell by 20 kopecks./l, Ovis lowered the price of 15 kopecks./l, Spring – 10 kopecks./l.

Over the past week, from 29 September to 6 October, car party liquefied natural gas (FCA) rose 1 070 UAH/t (up 5.2%) – 21 650 UAH/t.

Wholesale prices are pushing up quotes of LPG increased at the transition of the Brest-Malaszewicze, the largest quotation basis of the CIS.

Traders note that the price growth is associated with a decrease in temperature, which caused the demand for propane in Poland on the eve of the start of the heating season.

The LPG in Ukraine ceased to become cheaper 09.10.2017

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