The famous Irish actor Jack Raynor to play the title role in the film “Gareth Jones” on the Welsh journalist who first in the West spoke about the Holodomor in Ukraine of 1932-1933. This was announced by the film’s Director, Agnieszka Holland, reports UKRINFORM.

The premiere of the film, which will be shot in Ukraine, Poland and the UK, will take place not earlier than December 2018.

“He’s a young, very talented Irish actor Jack Raynor. He has a strong motivation. Now he is actively studying the documents and reads books. For him it is a very important step. Believe will give the essence of the story,” said Holland.

According to her, in the film, the shooting of which should begin in February next year, will be shot 5-6 Ukrainian actors, Polish, but most of all British.

In Ukraine the shooting of the film will take place near Kiev, perhaps also in Kiev, in addition, they will be held in Krakow and Lower Silesia, and also in Scotland.

The film will last about two hours.

“He will be shot with tongues of history. Therefore, it will sound English, Ukrainian, Russian languages,” said Holland.

According to the Director, by design, the film is not going to be a documentary reconstruction, although the image of hunger will try to show the most realistic, almost documentary.

“But at the same time – through the eyes of this young man who suddenly found himself opened the essence of evil, because he suspected that something bad is happening, but I couldn’t even imagine the scale of the crime, the scale of human patience. He instantly finds himself in some kind of nightmare, can’t believe this is all happening to him actually”, she said.

Hollad noted that some scenes of the film will be shown oniric way (an art form deformation of reality in a bizarre and paradoxical way, during the stay of the hero in the dream state or delusion, – ed.), method of Orwell or Franz Kafka.

As you know, “Gareth Jones” will be a co-production of Poland, Scotland, Germany, Belgium and Ukraine. The rights to global distribution of the film bought the company WestEnd Films, which, in particular, engaged in distribution of many films of woody Allen.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian-Slovak film “Hell” (Ukrainian name – “verge”, Slovak – “Čiara”) received the Grand Prix at the 18th International film festival in Arras in France.

The main role in the film about Holodomor will play Irish actor 27.11.2017

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