The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has developed the draft strategy of the state banks, intended to 2022 inclusive. Writes about this EP.

In the next five years the state will focus on achieving in the banking sector some indicators (KPIs). In particular, we are talking about such indicators: inflation less than 6% up to 2020, the penetration rate of lending to small and medium business in the 4% of GDP, the turnover of cash in the economy below 10%.

Also, the state plans to sell a 20% stake for at least three state-owned banks private investors and to reduce the share of problem loans in their credit portfolio to less than 10% by 2019.

According to the strategy, selling PrivatBank possible not earlier than 2022 PrivatBank need to focus on the retail segment with significant support for small and medium businesses and the corporate segment for the Bank will be less of a priority.

The key parameters in a Bank in 2022: net income – 8,4 billion UAH RоE (coefficient of return on equity) – 25%, C/I (cost/income ratio cost to income) – 48%, TRS (Total reserves securities – government bonds on the balance sheet) – 81 billion.

Oschadbank will remain a universal Bank with advanced operational processes and optimized retail network. The Ministry of Finance plans the savings Bank exit on IPO at the end of 2021 Oschadbank should remain the leader in the corporate segment, supporting at the current level the share of corporate lending, as well as to increase the liabilities of legal entities. Oschadbank in the future leader in the mortgage market. The plans – reducing its branches from the current 3,300 to 1900-2100. One of the priorities for development are the direction of it.

The key parameters of the Bank in 2022: net income of 4.7 billion UAH. RоE – 15%, C/I – 63%, TRS – 43 billion UAH.

Ukrgasbank plans to privatize faster than other banks – until the end of 2018, the state is ready to sell a minority stake. The Bank proposes to consolidate its current brand (EcoBank) and provide funding for 30% of the projects in the field of energy efficiency.

The key parameters of the UGB in 2022: net income – 0.3 billion UAH. RоE – 6%, C/I – 82%, TRS – 6 billion UAH.

In the case of Ukreximbank , you have two options. The first option provides that the Bank will focus on export-import operations, as well as the development of various non-credit products such as export guarantees. In this case, the key parameters of Ukreximbank in 2022: net income – 2 billion UAH. RоE – 14%, TRS – 23 billion UAH plus additional net income generated by exporters in 2018-2022. 9 billion.

The second option implies that the Bank will continue to operate under the current business model will gradually be prepared to sell. In this case, the key parameters of Ukreximbank in 2022: net income of 2.7 billion UAH. RоE – 19%, TRS – 29 billion UAH.

The Ministry of Finance promises to present the strategy at a future meeting of the Cabinet.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Finance has completed the fourth phase of the recapitalization of PrivatBank for UAH 16 billion.

The Ministry of Finance decided on the fate of four state-owned banks – media 27.12.2017

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