The Ministry of health announced a competition for the position of chief physician of the national children’s specialized hospital OKHMATDYT in Kyiv. This is stated in the message of Ministry of health.

An open competition for the position of physician of the Okhmadet announced in connection with the expiration of the contract with the previous head of Yuri Padusem.

The candidate for this position must have a University degree in Medicine and a certificate of a specialist; experience of working in managerial positions for at least five years.

The candidate must be fluent in Ukrainian language and preferably English.

The applicant must submit a completed autobiography sample, which provides brief information about the closest relatives. In addition, the candidate must complete a statement of absence of conflict of interest.

The statement noted circumstances that may pose a potential conflict of interest: the private interest in the area where the person performs his service or public authority.

Potential conflict of interest includes financial, professional or other interests, and the interests, which can affect the results of this work.

The same information should be noted about family members (spouse, children, including adults, parents, persons under guardianship, other persons who live together, bound by a shared way of life and have the character of a family have mutual rights and obligations, including persons who live together but are not married) and the presence of other individuals with whom the candidate for a position have important common interests and that can be perceived as interference in his work (e.g., employer, employees, etc.).

As noted by the acting head of the Ministry of health, Dr. Uliana Suprun, the filling of such application will become a test candidate for the honesty.

The answer to the question in the form will reveal the real contradictions between the private interest of the person and of his official or representative authorities.

Indeed, the presence of such a conflict may affect objectivity or impartiality of decision-making and actions during the execution of these powers.

The applicant shall submit the completed Declaration of assets, income, expenses and obligations of financial character for 2016. The competition serves and the proposal development National children’s specialized hospital OHMATDET of Ministry of health of Ukraine for three years.

Documents will be accepted for 30 calendar days from the date of announcement of the competition.

Earlier it was reported that the construction of the first premises of Okhmatdet clinic to be completed until mid-2017.

Hospital (national children hospital) is a multidisciplinary medical facility providing specialized medical care to children, the largest children’s hospital in Ukraine. In April 2015, the Cabinet passed Okhmatdet in the management of the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

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The Ministry of health announced a competition for the position of chief physician Okhmadet 27.01.2017

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