New research shows that the moon was the atmosphere 3-4 billion years ago. This publication reports Science Alert.

Now the moon has no atmosphere because it has such a strong magnetic field and sufficient mass to hold the atmosphere around it. Therefore, any atmosphere around the moon rapidly spreads solar winds.

A new study shows that the Moon for a short period had atmosphere.

It was formed during volcanic activity, when the gases above the moon’s surface erupted so fast, I don’t have time to seep into the space.

Studying samples of lunar regolith, the researchers found that volcanic activity on the moon reached a peak of about 3.5 billion years ago when the atmosphere was most dense.

The atmosphere existed on the moon about 70 million years.

“This radically changes our view of the moon as airless rocky body,” said research fellow, University space research (USRA) David Kring.

Studies show that the volatile substances from the atmosphere may have settled in lunar craters. If so, then the moon can be a source of ice.

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The moon once was the atmosphere – scientists 09.10.2017

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