The national Bank of Ukraine from December 22 introduces a new flexible system of tariffs for Depository services and services for accounting and circulation of certificates of Deposit NBU. About it reports a press-service of the NBU.

The basic principle of pricing under the new model, tariffs will be set depending on the cost for different products and types of services included in them.

“According to the model, still working, the rate of storage provided 99.8% of all revenues of the Depository NBU. The tariffs for other services and services on certificates of Deposit significantly below cost or non-existent. Thus, customers who actively make transactions with securities, and customers, just keep them and not conduct operations, pay the same maintenance cost. In addition, current tariff rates difficult to calculate and incomprehensible”, – stated in the message controller.

The pricing model will change as follows:

Fee for safekeeping of securities will be calculated based on the average of the nominal depreciation of value. Still, it was calculated depending on the number of securities without regard to their value. The use of such irrelevant basis for calculation of the basic tariff has created various conditions for customers with the same size of investments in different types of bonds.

– Significantly reduced the rate of the basic tariff. Instead of the current average rate of 0.005% of the average of the nominal depreciation in value of securities during the period, the new rate will be 0,00034%.

– The list of operations that may be performed by the Depository of the National Bank, will be expanded and will also be entered billing operations. For example, you will see a service fee the Depositary of the National Bank operations on the principle “delivery of securities without payment” or “payment against delivery of securities”.

– In accordance with international practice will be put the billing account services and circulation of certificates of Deposit. The rate will cover the cost of maintaining the infrastructure for this tool. For example, the cost accounting will be 0,00057% of the average nominal value of certificates of Deposit during the period.

– There will be fares to new products prepared to launch in the near future.

“The new tariffs are correlated with market prices in Ukraine and rates of the leading depositories of the European countries, and is a step towards the future transfer of the functions of the Depository of the NBU in national Depository of Ukraine”, – said the NBU.

Earlier it was reported that the national Bank intends to abandon the minting of small coins.

The national Bank changes tariffs for Depository services 18.11.2017

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