The national Council on television and radio repeatedly refused five regional companies broadcasting in a digital multiplex MX-5 logo 112 Ukraine (OOO TV Choice of Partner, OOO TV, LLC, a New format for OOO Lider TV and Ariadna TV) to change the policy concepts on the concept of satellite information TV channel 112 Ukraine. It is reported by the Detector media.

For these companies this is already the twenty-seventh refusal of the national Council.

Its decisions the Council is motivated by the fact that the company won the competition with a certain concept of regional/local broadcasting. As a result, changes of concepts instead of five regional digital channels in Ukraine would be to legitimize the creation of another nationwide digital terrestrial television channel, while more than 130 local and regional broadcasters are left without a digital license.

In 2015, the national Council denied the five companies from the group 112 Ukraine seven times, and in 2016 – 12 times in 2017 – eight times.

Refusing to group companies 112 Ukraine changes in program concepts, national Council on the results of unscheduled audits announced three warnings, and fined these companies for failure to comply with certain licenses of software concepts.

September 3, 2015 the national Council decided to apply to the court for revocation of licenses for digital broadcasting in multiplex MX-5 (regional broadcast) TV-Choice Partner TV, New TV, Lider TV and Ariadna TV.

Five licensees did not pay the fines and be challenged in the courts all decisions of the national Council on sanctions and on refusal in renewal of licenses. Consideration of the claim of the national Council for revocation of a license locked to the moment of decision in court of other cases. Part cases involving claims of a group of companies 112 Ukraine against the national Council passed the appellate court decisions in favor of the national Council.

As reported, in early October, 2017 national Council declared the warning to TV channel 112 Ukraine in connection with violations found during an unscheduled inspection.

The national television 27 times refused the group 112 Ukraine 07.11.2017

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