The Dutch government has approved the long-term development plan of the country, which, among other things, to prohibit the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines already in 2030. The restriction only applies to new cars to be illegal to drive on older machines with internal combustion engines, the authorities do not intend to.

The Netherlands will be one of the first countries in Europe where it will be a ban on petrol and diesel cars.

For example, Norway intends to nullify the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engine by 2025, and France and Britain are thinking about the introduction of such restrictions until 2040.

Electric cars now occupy only 2% of the new car market of the Netherlands, and the volume of the market is not great – about half a million cars a year.

The leader is the Tesla company even opened in the Netherlands the Central European office. Thus, the first and second place of sales are the Tesla Model S and Model X respectively, but the third place – electric car Hyundai Ioniq Electric.

Source: e-move

The Netherlands will refuse to petrol and diesel cars in 2030 12.10.2017

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