The Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals (fgvfl) calls upon the leaders of the existing Ukrainian banks to refuse to work with the owners of the former Ukrinbank and Zlatobank, who with the help of judicial decisions was able to regain control of the liquidating finucherezhdeny and trying to sell their property. This is stated in an open letter to the DGF.

DGF recalls over the past five years, the national Bank of Ukraine has transferred the management of the Fund 96 banks, nearly two million depositors, of which during that time paid a total of almost 90 billion. Most of this amount, the Fund borrowed from the state budget.

“At the same time, most of the former shareholders and top-managers of banks, their decisions, and their risky activities brought them to insolvency, do not feel any responsibility for it,” – noted in the Fund.

“Egregious cases revolve around banks such as Ukrinbank (the ultimate owner of a substantial participation with the highest percentage Vladimir Klimenko) and Zlatobank (the ultimate owner of a substantial participation with the highest percentage of Elena), where the former shareholders received in the courts of situational victory against decisions about allocation of the banks insolvent, “knocked out” from the state register of the authorized persons of the Deposit guarantee Fund, seized the assets of banks, while leaving debts to the Fund,” reads the letter.

According to the Fund, such former shareholders are trying to promptly implement the banks ‘ assets, as court decisions in their favour mate. In particular, the Fund reported the sale by unauthorized persons of assets of financial institutions. The former shareholders and heads of the offer to purchase these assets to other banks. They are also trying to obtain new credit lines for them and affiliated with them legal entities that ceased to perform its existing obligations to the banks specified above.

The owners of the bankrupt banks sell off their assets – DGF 13.02.2018

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