Paint for drawing patterns on the dishes often contains potentially toxic amounts of lead and cadmium. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Plymouth, according to Medportal.

The researchers tested new and used glassware printed drawings, selecting 197 randomly selected samples: glasses, cups, jars, beer mugs and other household glass containers produced in China, and in the countries of the European Union.

Using rentgenofluorestsentnogo spectrometer found out that more than 70% of the studied subjects contain lead. This metal has been found in all colors, including paint for applying gold patterns. The same high result was obtained for cadmium, with the highest concentrations of cadmium usually found in the red paint.

Scientists found cadmium in 134 samples, and the lead – in 139 samples. These metals were detected as on the outer surface of the cookware and its upper rim in contact with the lips, and in some cases the concentration of heavy metals exceeded the permissible limits. In addition, it was found that the drawings on the dishes, which have long been used, is missing a lot of paint particles – that is, there is a high probability that she got into food or beverages.

Study leader Dr. Andrew Turner believes that health risks associated with glass dishes with the drawings, it can be quite serious.

“Given that now in this industry for a long time already available safer alternatives, the results of our study came as a surprise to us. Why is a dangerous chemical elements are still used to decorate the tableware in China, the European Union and in other countries? I believe that consumers should be aware of this, and glassware manufacturers have to bear serious responsibility for the use of toxic metals in the manufacture of its products,” concluded Turner.

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The patterns on the dishes can poison the body – research 08.11.2017

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