Activation of troops on both sides admingranitsy of Crimea threatens new escalation of the protracted conflict, kladenchevo relations between Russia and the United States to the level of the cold war, but the escalation of hostilities, if it is, is unlikely to commence in this place. This writes the American edition The Wall Street Journal.

“If you start heavy fighting, the most likely military targets will be concentrated in the East of Ukraine – Donbass, not Crimea”, – said a source in the defense Ministry of the USA.

According to analysts of the Pentagon, the militants may try to expand the territories under their control so that the area of the former Donetsk airport was out of reach of the artillery of the APU, either move closer in the direction of Mariupol, and to the artillery of the invaders could cover the city.

Intelligence Pentagon recorded the movement of troops of the armed forces in the annexed Crimea, but so far the Americans have not figured out what’s going on – the usual rotation or accumulation contingent.

Analysts said U.S. “military adventurism of the Kremlin still works, so we can expect Russia to continue the current aggressive strategy.

Today, August 12, the Ukrainian intelligence reported about the plans of the military leadership of the Russian Federation to organize a major provocation across the line of demarcation in the Donbass.

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August 10, 2016, the FSB and the Russian President accused Ukraine of preparing attacks in the Crimea. Ukraine denies the charges. According to the Ukrainian intelligence, in the Crimea there was a firefight between the FSB and the Russian military. This situation is the Russian government trying to pass off as sabotage of Ukraine. The EU and NATO said that Moscow failed to provide evidence against Ukraine. President Poroshenko has recommended that Vladimir Putin to stop “dream” and begin to abide by international agreements.

The Pentagon: When the invasion of Russia will strike in the Donbass, not Crimea – WSJ 12.08.2016

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