The General Prosecutor’s office started criminal proceedings against the head of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) Artem Sytnik due to the potential disclosure of the data of the investigation. It is reported by Ukrainian Pravda, citing sources in the GPU.

The report said that rush can call in for questioning this Friday, November 17.

Also the edition notes that according to the source, the head of NABU in Ukraine at the moment. Said Sytnik is on a business trip in Portugal.

It is reported that the Prosecutor General’s office opened a criminal case against him on the basis of the record, where you hear what the man with the voice like the voice of rush, telling reporters the details of some high-profile cases.

Wednesday, November 16, at the meeting of the anticorruption Committee of the Council Deputy Anton Gerashchenko called for the GPU to start production and to verify this recording.

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On 14 November it became known that the NAB began a preliminary inquiry into possible bribes by the officials of NACP and other authorities.

15 November, the NAB said that the signing by President Petro Poroshenko law on amendments to several codes and laws in the judicial reform No. 6232 will lead to the collapse in the work of the EMB and other bodies of preliminary investigation and paralyze the justice system of Ukraine.

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The PGO opened a criminal case against the head of NABU media 17.11.2017

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