Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, honed by the military in his private residence from 15 November, Saturday went on a hunger strike, refusing to wash, and talking with anyone in the protest against what is happening in the country. About this The Daily Mail, citing a source close to his family.

The statement says that on November 19, the 93-year-old Mugabe will meet with General chiwenga of Constantine, by whose order he is under house arrest. During the meeting, discussed the resignation of Mugabe as President of Zimbabwe.

It is noted that ahead of the meeting with army officials, Mugabe’s “cried a lot” and said that he would like to talk to Sally Mugabe (his first wife, who died from kidney failure in 1992) and his son Michael Nalozenih, who died from cerebral malaria in 1966, three years.

“He spends most of his time looking at an old photo of Sally. It’s terrible,” said his assistant.

It is also said that there is a possibility that at the end of Sunday, Mugabe will officially retire.

Earlier today, November 19, the head of the ruling party of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe was removed from office.

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The President of Zimbabwe declared a hunger strike and refusing to wash media 19.11.2017

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