For the period from 7 to 8 September, retail prices for liquefied gas in the networks of Ukrainian filling stations decreased. The national average gas prices dropped by 15 kopecks./l – to 15.58 UAH/liter. this was amaghlobeli to the Consulting group A-95.

In networks of OKKO, SOCAR, and LPG fell by 50 liter and 35 liter, to 15.49 UAH/l UAH 15,63/l, respectively. 30 kopecks./l the price of LPG decreased by the the Metropolitan network stations KLO and network Shell.

On 6-35 liter autogas fell in networks of SUN OIL, Parallel, WOG, BRSM Nafta, Tatneft, ZOG, Mango, Rod, Nick, and 2000 bars. LPG network Olas fell by 55 kopecks./l, from 15.30 UAH/liter.

8 Sep retail prices for diesel fuel and gasoline in the networks of Ukrainian filling stations rose by an average of 6-8 kopecks./l.

Correction in the price of gas began in late August. Then some of the network stations lowered the prices by 50 kopecks./l.

Before the average price of automobile parties of liquefied natural gas (LPG) declined on September 7 at 1 850 UAH/t, up to 25 430 UAH/t.

On August 30 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the price of liquefied natural gas is expected to decline in the second half of September.

Market participants and experts believe that the price of liquefied petroleum gas has passed the peak values, the stabilization of the market with the consequent decrease of prices is expected in late September – early October.

29 Aug Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman instructed relevant ministries and agencies to deal with the situation on the liquefied gas market and to take measures to reduce the cost of fuel. The Antimonopoly Committee has started an investigation.

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The price of autogas at filling stations is reduced 08.09.2017

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