Loan service for construction of Air Express between Kyiv and Boryspil airport cost the Ukraine $2 million per month. In an interview with said Deputy Minister of infrastructure Viktor Dovgan. In his opinion, this project needs to be closed.

“It’s a draft message, which was allocated to the Chinese loan of $372 million Spent $50 million as a result, no Express or U.S. dollars. Negotiations continue about interest rate changes and the project itself. While no final decision”, – he explained.

The Deputy Minister said that at the time of conclusion of the contract in 2011, Ukraine took out a loan at 6.5% per annum.

“Today, we loans attract a 2% per annum and insist on the decline. The Chinese side is it is not. The maximum that they are willing to give, to 4.5%. If the rates are not reduced, we eschew the credit and get the money back,” said Dougan.

Ukraine has already paid two tranches, in January 2018 will need to convert the third tranche.

“The situation is really critical. My personal opinion – the project needs to be closed. As fast as he moves, no reason to continue it there,” the official added.

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The original plan called for the launch of high-speed trains. It appears, however, that it will cause interference with air navigation equipment at the airport. Later was considered an underground tunnel, but it is significantly more expensive than the original plan.

According to Robbins, now the Ministry of infrastructure offers to run diesel trains. In this case, the project will cost $120 million. the Second option is to let the Boryspil metro line. At the time of construction (minimum two years) will be partially restricted traffic on the Boryspil highway. This project is more expensive – $300 million. the two projects are under consideration of the Cabinet, which should decide on the final option.

Earlier, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman stated that the total amount of Ukrainian-Chinese projects up to $7 billion.

The project Air Express can close 19.12.2017

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