Religious authority urged the political leaders to the fight against climate change. Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople convinced that the “health” of the habitat of mankind is deteriorating, and it primarily affects the most vulnerable, writes Reuters.

“We urge everyone who has a social, economic, political and cultural responsibility, to hear the call of the Earth and to take care of the needs of stranded on the side of people’s lives,” said Francis and Bartholomew.

“First and foremost”, said the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics and the leader of 300 million Orthodox Christians, need to respond to “calls of millions and support the consensus of the world in the name of saving our wounded creation.”

The Agency noted that the statement the religious leaders to no one in particular, not reversed.

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31 may 2017 trump announced that he was going to get out of the Paris climate agreement. In July, the President of France Emmanuel macron said that he hoped to change the views of the American colleagues on this topic.

Six of the countries-members of G7 reaffirmed their commitment to comply with the terms of the agreement, that is, all except trump. They demanded the U.S. President to stick to the paragraphs of the document.

The Paris agreement – the agreement under the UN framework Convention on climate change, regulatory measures for reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from 2020. The agreement was prepared to replace the Kyoto Protocol. The purpose of the agreement is to “enhance the implementation” of the UN framework Convention on climate change, in particular, to keep the rise in global average temperatures “well below” 2 °C “to make efforts” to limit the temperature rise value of 1.5 °C.

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The religious leaders urged politicians to think about the “health” of the Earth 01.09.2017

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