The head of the prosecutorial investigation, the Prosecutor of Kiev Pavel Kononenko at a briefing on Monday, October 9, in detail told to journalists about how the organized criminal group of five persons was prepared for the murder of ex-Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov.

According to the Prosecutor, the alleged customer of a crime, the Russian “thief in law” Vladimir Tyurin was brought to the murder of the citizen of Ukraine, its “long-standing comrade-in-crime” Yuri Vasilenko, previously convicted in Russia.

Co-organizer of the criminal group was Ukrainian Alexander Moose; a group of performers, except for the killer, an ex-soldier of the national guard Paul Arsova, included Yaroslav Tarasenko and Jaroslav Levenets.

“After receiving the task from Turin, Vasilenko in February (2017) arrives in the Ukraine, attracted his close comrade Moose. They arrive in Kiev and start looking for performers among former participants of ATO”, – said Kononenko.

As the Prosecutor told, the Elk are attracted to the preparation of the crime Levents, his former cellmate in jail, and he in turn turned for help to Parchowo and Tarasenko.

In Kiev Vasilenko and Elk rented three apartments, one of which was directly in the house in which lived Boronenkov and his wife Maria Maksakova.

4 March 2017 to Vasilenko from Russia there arrived the citizen of Russia K. Together they bought the Daewoo Lanos (Tarasenko carried Parlova the day of the murder), having the power of attorney on a non-existent person.

March 14, Vasilenko rented for the surveillance by Voronenkova Toyota Land Cruiser 150. The choice of the organizers of the brand of the machine, the result explains the fact that this car was no different from the elite cars in the yard of the house where lived the ex-Deputy, and did not arouse suspicion.

20 March in Kiev flight from Rome arrived Russian Dmitry Tyurin, the son of an alleged customer of murder, which, according to intelligence, was brought to the organizers some money.

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22 Mar Levenets purchased from unidentified persons the murder weapon – a TT pistol, which, according to preliminary data, previously registered in one of the units.

On the morning of 23 March, the day of the murder Boronenkov, Levenets met at Kiev bus station Tarasenko, the driver for the killer, after which he returned to the rented apartment on the street three saints, where he was waiting for Parsow. Last Levenets held up to the pizzeria on the street Sahaidachny, which was already Tarasenko, and then went to another district of Kiev, providing an alibi.

About moving Boronenkov killer and his driver alerted the watching the ex-Deputy of the Elk. Tarasenko brought Barsova to the Premier Palace hotel, where he committed the murder, receiving a lethal bullet wounds from the bodyguard of the victim.

After the crime Vasilenko, Elk and Levenets met at a restaurant near Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, where he discussed next steps.

Tarasenko went to Lanos to his native Dnipropetrovsk region Pavlograd, where he asked friends to completely disassemble the vehicle for parts.

At the moment police arrested an Elk and Tarasenko, Vasilenko and Levenets are wanted.

Commenting on the briefing, the results of the investigation, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said that Ukraine will turn to Russia with a request for the extradition of the customer of murder Boronenkov Turina.

“We will appeal to the extradition. And after the answer we will make further decisions. I do not exclude that it will be the international search or in absentia conviction,” – said the head of the GPU, adding that Tyurin is already reported about suspicion.

Today, October 9, GPU announced the completion of a murder investigation Boronenkov. The alleged customer of a crime named Russian criminal “authority” Vladimir Tyurin, who for several years was the civil husband of Maria Maksakova, widow Boronenkov. The investigation found that Tyurin was operated under the leadership of the FSB.

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The result in detail has told about preparation for murder Boronenkov 09.10.2017

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