Army units of the Russian Federation, brought to a sudden check of combat and mobilization readiness, continue to be in high alert. This is stated in the summary of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry in Facebook.

In the course of escalating the situation near the border of Ukraine two strategic bombers the Russian air force Tu-95MS from part of the 22nd heavy bomber air division (Engels) completed a flight above the waters of the Eastern and Central parts of the Black sea, and temporarily occupied Crimea. In the airspace of the South-Western part of the Crimea crews worked to overcome the air defense system in the South-Western operational direction for drawing is rocket-bombing.

As reported by exploration, simultaneously, units of the 10th Obrspn (Molkino) of the southern military district of the armed forces has fulfilled the transfer of groups of special forces combined method to the conventional areas of reconnaissance and sabotage and reconnaissance actions. The exercises were held at the site “Kuzminki” in the Rostov region.

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Meanwhile, in the East of Ukraine near Luhansk and the Russian Federation held a rotation of units of the battalion tactical group of the Kostroma landing 331-th parachute regiment of the airborne troops of the armed forces and in positions under Experienced, Krasnogorovka, Marinka and Novotroitsk changed the composition of the “special forces” hybrid of the Russian army.

In the border town of Rovenki from Russia moved five tanks with fuels and lubricants (250 tons) for fighters.

The Russian army continues large-scale exercises near the borders of Ukraine – intelligence 29.08.2016

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