The Russian mafia started to increase its presence in Germany. Federal police warns about the risks of the loss of billions of euros to the economy of organized crime. This was stated by the head of the Federal criminal police office of Germany Holger münch in an interview with Die Welt am Sonntag, reports DW.

“We are seeing dynamic development of Russian-Eurasian organized crime. Now she began to spread to the West,” explains münch. According to him, the Russian mafia is also active in the “unpopular” for organized crime, types of offences, such as theft or robbery of stores. One of the most dangerous phenomena münch called “thieves in law” mafia leaders who are in Germany to gather not only Russians, but also Abkhazians, Georgians and Turkmen.

According to police, earlier in Germany were about 20-40 thousand people associated with such groups. Now, says münch, it is only an approximate five-digit figure” because the crime is in the shade. The Russian mafia, he added, a strong network built in the post-Soviet countries and in German prisons.

“Eight to ten per cent of the inmates of German prisons – or Russian-speaking immigrants from Russia, about 5 thousand people,” said münch, calling it a significant “potential for recruitment” mafia in Germany.

Earlier it was reported that nursing in Germany has become a field of activity of the Russian mafia. Criminal groups have developed many ways of cheating insurance offices, among the most common fake reports on services provided and involvement in the deception of patients involved in the simulation. In the case of patients requiring constant care, the criminals managed to get to 15 thousand euros per month for unused services.

The Russian mafia began large-scale expansion in Germany – police 10.07.2016

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