Group Safmar (ex BIN) is in talks to buy retailer of home appliances and electronics Eldorado, told RBC a source in one of investment funds. Pavel ZUNA is the representative of the co-owner of the Eldorado company Emma Capital (which owns 20% Eldorado) – said that being “multilateral” negotiations on the sale of Eldorado. The details of the transaction and the names of the applicants, he said.

A source in investment circles has confirmed that the Gutseriev family-shishkhanova interested to buy Eldorado, but noted that on the network there are other contenders.

According to the certificate of incorporation, in June 2016, the Eldorado was replaced by the owner. Previously, the company was 100% owned by the Cypriot Facipero Investments Limited, the parent company of which is Dutch PPF Group B. V. on 20 June 2016 the owner of 100% of LLC Eldorado has become Cyprus Bowest limited. The owner is currently Facipero Investments Limited, the beneficiaries of the PPF Group N. V. Emma Omega Ltd.

According to the senior partner of the bar Association Yukov and partners Irina Adamova, the transfer of an asset to a subsidiary of the former parent company may indirectly indicate pre-training.

The place is owned 20% by the Czech company Emma Capital businessman Jiri Smaza, 80% of Czech investment group PPF, the beneficiary of which is Peter Kellner. In addition to the stake in Eldorado PPF in Russia is the majority shareholder of home Credit Bank with a share of 88,62%. In addition, the PPF group is part of PPF Real Estate Holding B. V., which manages its client and real estate in Russia, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and several other European countries in the amount of €1.9 billion.

If Safmar will negotiate the purchase with the owners of the Eldorado, then the transaction may be a merger of the network with the Technos, I think Igor Kovanov and partner of Strategy Partners Vitaly Vavilov. Technos was in the portfolio of assets Gutseriev – shishkhanova in late 2015, when the BIN group has closed the acquisition of MDM Bank, which owned 70% of the network. The year before technos swallowed St. Petersburg’s oldest retailer of tekhnoshok, becoming the tenth by revenue seller of electronics in Russia and declaring ambitions to break into the top-5.

The Russian retailer Eldorado for sale 25.08.2016

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