Lab-grown tissue containing human stem cells has allowed paralyzed rats to walk and regained the sense of feeling to the extremities. It is reported online edition of Naked Science, citing a study published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience.

Researchers from Israeli Technion Institute of technology have introduced human stem cells paralyzed mice, which previously cut the spinal cord, which caused paralysis of the limbs. Stem cells introduced in tissue, developed in glial cells and began to actively produce growth factors neurons.

Before introducing the stem cells, the researchers stimulated their division on the frame, simulating the bone tissue, and create for them an environment in which the development of stem cells followed the path of differentiation in glial cells. In the artificial tissue obtained at the frame, also added to the proteins thrombin and fibrinogen, stabilizirovannyi and support nerve cells in the spinal cord of rats.

In the region near the previously broken spine of mice were injected grown on a frame of stem cells and proteins reinforced fabric, after which the animals showed a rapid recovery of motor skills. Three weeks after injection of stem cells 42% paralyzed mice re-learned how to stand and walk; 75% returned the ability to hide the legs and tail in the presence of a frightening stimulus. Rats from the control group showed no signs of a regeneration of a motor apparatus.

Not all rats received an injection of the stem cells restored the activity of the limbs; scientists have yet to figure out why the treatment worked in some cases but useless in others. Before the stem cell treatment will be tested on humans, scientists have to describe exactly how stem cells contribute to the regeneration.

Earlier, doctors at the University of California with colleagues from other academic institutions in the U.S. and Japan announced that they were able to restore the integrity of the spinal cord of rats with grown from stem cells of neurons.

The stem cells are returned paralyzed rats the ability to walk 19.11.2017

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