In the occupied Lugansk continues the showdown between the leader of LPR Igor Plotnitsky and Igor Kornet, which the Russians called “interior Minister”. But the media write that in fact there is a conflict between the two Kremlin groups of influence. What is happening now in Luhansk and what does the Kremlin in explaining the material

WHERE TO START. Yesterday in Lugansk, a man named cornet (the Russians call it the “interior Minister”) through the hands of his mercenaries began to seize power in the city, shifting of the militants Carpentry. The city stopped the convoy of vehicles that Central street was blocked off, across the border from Russia was invaded by heavy machinery, the TV turned off, and all of that was accused of “Ukrainian DRG”.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. Yesterday people began to flee the city. And today, Lugansk empty: the flow of people crossing the demarcation line has increased. But, for example, health workers were forbidden to leave. Meanwhile, the people of Cornet seized the building of the so-called “prosecution” of Luhansk, taking hostage two dozen people. Carpenter, according to different sources, not fled to Russia, not barricaded themselves in the building of the former regional administration. In the evening the leader of the LNR said in a speech that “nearly over” and called the situation “a coup.”

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. Depends on the decision of Moscow. As Carpenter and Cornet are controlled by the Kremlin. The only question is, what is the effect of the towers will be stronger. According to foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, the events in Luhansk – the result is a conflict between special services of the Russian Federation. And it may be true. It is known that Carpentry is a project of Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov (elections, political figures, the front is all marmots). Strongman cornet, which is now in the city worked together with the FSB (in Lugansk called “MGB”) is acting on behalf of the Kremlin security officials, including FSB Director Bortnikov.

What the Kremlin wants is unknown. Putin’s Secretary, commenting on the dismantling in Luhansk, said nothing. We can only guess about the purpose. Here is a list of versions to merge with the terrorist organization LNR and DND under a single Department of the Russian Federation (without distinction between “politicians” and “security forces”); to rein in the political wing of the Kremlin; to divide the cash flows; clean up “the political field” in Lugansk for the transfer of the occupied areas of the Ukraine.

That is, if someone says he knows – this is hardly true. But while dismantling in Luhansk reminiscent of clash of the Kremlin groups of influence, and as it was early and lasted until now – the ultimate goal always comes down to money: who controls smuggling; who will distribute and settle the money from Moscow; who will collect and then take to Russia a tribute to local business and residents.

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The theme of the day. As the towers of the Kremlin faced in Lugansk 23.11.2017

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