By Moscow in the occupied Lugansk today in the morning arranged masks-show with the cordon of the Central neighborhoods and city streets, no joke scaring the locals. The sides in the city say that the reason is a showdown between the leader of LPR Igor Plotnitsky and Igor Kornet, which the Russians called “interior Minister”. What happened in explaining the material

WHERE TO START. It’s all in the money. Carpenter needs more money. And his entourage began to spiral out of control. It all started with home, which are pressed and settled where “the Minister”. Then the Carpenter of his force moved out. The house belonged to the family of the former owner of FC Zorya Valeriya Bukavu, who died before the start of a hybrid war. Cornet lived in the house for three years. Against it even opened so-called affair, and he promised to “take revenge”. In General, the war began between the leaders of the terrorists. Cornet practically accused Plotnitsky of murder in the so-called “premiere Tsyplakova”, the official version of his death was a suicide. Fun fact: Carpenter and pressed himself lives in the house near the street Vatutina. His guards also pressed a few houses nearby.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. In General, the cornet has ordered all his subordinates to mercenaries (they call them police) don’t leave jobs, wives and relatives to leave the city. Since morning fighters in the form of unmarked, with white armbands arrived at the former building of the regional interior Ministry and surrounded it with armored personnel carriers. The sides said it was the people of the Cornet. Carpenter was ordered to liberate the city, but they did not obey him. Luhansk will not pass and checked the car.

The interlocutors do not exclude that it could be staged to intimidate local residents, because the city appears more and more protest. In the end the militants as always found the “blame the Ukrainian DRG”. Well, of course. Who else.

Who Kornet believes that “the Ukrainian DRG”: first, he was accused of involvement in “activities of Ukrainian special services,” the curator of the propaganda in the local media Anastasia Shurchaeva; Irina Tazman (the Russians called “head of administration” Carpenter); Evgenia Seliverstova (“head of security”). Cornet considers that they all had to do with “staging in September 2016 coup in LC”. Funny wording, of course. But not for locals who have to live with.

Carpenter his men began to defend, Cornet discharge. Later, the Luhansk bandits explained that the city held exercises – get used to it.

Meanwhile, local TV – “Swan lake” (all off). And in Russia, by the way, was given to understand that the cornet is acting on their behalf – shown on state television his appeal. An eloquent fact.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. Active division of money and influence is in full swing. And this situation will only get worse. The thugs and henchmen of Moscow is not the first to shoot each other in the occupied territories, fighting each other, robbing people. Soon there will be nothing pressing and the war of all against all within the terrorist group LC will go into the hot phase. It is good for Ukraine – less enemies. For locals it is hard – they have to see on the street. For Russia it doesn’t matter whether the events in Lugansk, only once again confirmed the real relationship of the Kremlin to the occupied territories.

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The theme of the day. Gangsters of the Kremlin staged a showdown in Lugansk 22.11.2017

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