Armed forces kurdo-Arab Alliance in Syria finally dislodged the militants from major cities of Raqqa, formerly de facto “capital” of Islamic state terrorists in the country. The liberation of the city was one of the main goals of the international antiterrorist coalition headed by the USA, leading the fighting against the jihadists in Iraq and Syria. Now in Syria begins a new stage – the competition for the so-called inheritance the Islamic state. The details in explaining the material

WHERE TO START. The operation to liberate the Syrian of Raqqa, which is located 90 km from the border with Turkey and was captured by is militants at the beginning of the spread of this terrorist network in the middle East in 2014, started on 6 June. According to US intelligence, were in the city from two to four thousand fighters. The terrorists moved their “capital” in Deir El-Zor 140 km from Raqqa.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. On the morning of 17 October, the Alliance reported that it had taken Raqqa under full control. “In raqqa, it’s all over, our troops took the city under full control. The military operations terminated, is cleaning,” – said the speaker of the troops liberators Talal Sello. According to him, in some quarters there are many mined sites and can be single snipers of ISIS.

One of the members of the civil Council of Raqqa Omar Allauch said that between jihadists and representatives of the U.S.-backed Syrian opposition, an agreement was reached about the evacuation of fighters from Raqqa. He added that the militants, most of whom are foreign mercenaries, were planning to leave the city along with 400 civilians, who acted as a human shield.

THAN ENDED. The militants had left the last sections – in the region of city stadium and the national hospital. Upon release of the hospital were destroyed 22 fighter. Raqqa freeing from terrorists, the coalition led by the United States fulfilled one of its main goals. In Iraq also successfully pushed the jihadists. June 9, the Iraqi military, with the support of the coalition led by the United States, liberated the city of Mosul from the militants, which were under their rule for three years.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. As explained in the comments the Director of the Institute of Oriental studies. A. Y. Crimean national Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Alexander Bogomolov, now in Syria, will fight for the legacy of the so-called Islamic state, and it is primarily energy resources.

“For the inheritance of the defeated ISIS will fight with one hand kurdo-Arab Alliance (the so-called Democratic forces of Syria), on the other hand, the Russian-backed Assad’s forces, and on the third hand, Turkey, which does not want to strengthen the Kurds at its border,” – said Bogomolov.

He added that the situation in Syria, the situation resembles a child’s game kaleidoscope in which a minor shake-up, and may start new round of struggle for power.

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The theme of the day. In Syria, ISIS defeated, but it’s not the end 18.10.2017

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