Today the court satisfied the appeal of lawyers of the frontier guard Sergey Kolmogorov, but it is waiting for a retrial, so that the full freedom to speak still early. All the details about the case of the border guard – in the material

WHERE TO START. September 7, 2014 at a checkpoint near Mariupol border guard Sergey Kolmogorov and his colleagues opened fire on the car, which, under the version of guards, did not stop at the request of the military and went on break. According to the military, before that, the driver of the vehicle signal lights on the coast, and the requirement to stop at the checkpoint ignored even after warning shots. The soldiers opened fire, killing a woman passenger and the driver is the husband of the deceased wrote on Kolmogorov’s statement to the police and went to the occupied territory of Ukraine.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. Kolmogorov Mariupol, the court sentenced to 13 years in prison on murder charges. His lawyers claim that the prosecution failed to prove that Kolmogorov blame for the death of a woman (shot at least five people), therefore, asked the court to satisfy the appeal and send the case for a new judicial investigation to the court of first instance. The defense said that the previous meeting was closed, which also casts doubt on the objectivity of the trial. The case was appealed.

THAN ENDED. The Supreme court had to consider an appeal against the verdict of the court of Mariupol Kolmogorov 2 November, but the meeting had to be postponed: the Prosecutor simply failed to appear in court. Finally, on 6 November, the court released Kolmogorov and sent the case back for retrial to the court of first instance. The court did not recognize the Kolmogorov innocent, as the Supreme court has no right to examine the evidence and cannot make a final decision.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. It is unknown yet what the new measure will ask the Prosecutor’s office. There continue to insist that Kolmogorov did not receive the order to open fire on the car, but only to test it. As it had to be done under the condition that the car did not stop and went on break, he didn’t clarify, but clearly claim to open fire on defeat was impossible.

History Kolmogorov dangerous because if it is recognized in the result of guilty, the soldiers on the front line will simply be afraid to shoot, even following the commander’s orders. Military outraged that the man who wrote a letter to Kolmogorov, left on the occupied territory, so it is unlikely that the investigation failed to verify his involvement in the DRG. “The victim” separatist, who became a Russian citizen at large, and the border guard, honestly doing his duty behind bars” – outraged the public organization all-Ukrainian organization of veterans-border guards.

The case of the border guard instructed to revise the same court, which sentenced him to 13 years in prison. But maybe now that the case has received considerable attention, the examination will take place objectively.

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