Today, the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe encouraged Ukraine to fix the education act, resonated from the neighbors of Ukraine. PACE believes that the first need was to speak with representatives of national minorities, and then to adopt the law. Just had two votes: first – changes in the Committee, then the decision of the hall. The Ukrainian delegation to PACE upset: one of the members of the delegation slept through the Committee and therefore the enemies of Ukraine were able to make your edits. Second problem: the vote in the hall of the same forces mobilized all their members. As it happened – briefly from

WHERE TO START. The Verkhovna Rada adopted a law which obliged to teach in Ukrainian language in high school from September 1, 2018. To high school to obtain education in the language of national minorities. Then you can learn the language as a separate subject. And teachers should teach in Ukrainian. The idea was that high school graduates normally possessed the state language. The education Ministry argued that the law complies with the Constitution and the European language Charter.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. A wave of indignation swept through Romania, Hungary, Moldova and Russia. Quietly responded the poles and the Bulgarians. Hungary, where the government is in the hands of the nationalist Orban, said he would initiate a review of the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. Hungary was also threatened with sanctions and announced a campaign under the slogan “self-determination for Transcarpathia”. In General, a full package of discontent on the verge of encroachments on the territorial integrity.

THAN ENDED. PACE unhappy neighbors of Ukraine initiated the consideration of the Ukrainian law. And although they managed to make some unpleasant changes to the recommendation, most of them – the strongest – was not approved. But these amendments could have been avoided if one of the members of the Ukrainian delegation – Viktor Vovk, a member of the Radical party – not missed a meeting of the PACE Committee. As told by his colleague Konstantin Usov, a number of amendments was adopted by eight votes to seven, so if the wolf didn’t sleep through the session, scheduled for 08:30, his voice could “to block Russian lobby”. To review the “radicals” this was the case and failed.

The second problem is the mobilization of deputies in the courtroom. MP of Ukraine Iryna Gerashchenko said that the debate on the law in the hall of the PACE of the Romanian, Moldovan and Hungarian delegations mobilized the voices of their MPs, they were joined by representatives of the left forces, and as a result they need the resolution was adopted: 82 MPs in favour, 11 against and 17 abstained.

The head of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE Vladimir Aryev, said that the resolution “there is nothing wrong”, because it is not spelled out no specific requirements, but only contains the request to accept the conclusions of the Venice Commission, which has yet to speak about the Ukrainian law.

But the position of the Ukrainian delegation is more like an excuse. Yes, in the end, the recommendation and the recommendation: if you want, listen if you want. But there is one thing. PACE – more than 600 parliamentarians. Decisions are taken by simple majority. Work of the Ukrainian diplomacy better, it was possible to mobilize the friends of Ukraine. Why is this not done?

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. The conclusions of the Venice Commission, which will be ready by December. It is hoped that the dream of the Deputy wolf and the sluggishness of the Ukrainian diplomacy will not cost Ukraine too much. Diplomacy should be ready for further political attacks Hungary and Romania. Not as this time. Because the next time the enemies of Ukraine are mobilizing votes for anything more unpleasant for Ukraine.

The theme of the day. Like a dream of the Ukrainian diplomacy framed Ukraine in PACE 12.10.2017

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